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Welcome to Doggmatic Productions

A dedicated site to all my DSR / Doggett / X-Files videos and philosophy on my work.

Sometimes my videos get taken down from You Tube and so if ever they do, I can usually put them here. Although I am retired from The X Files vidding world, I may still upload an unreleased vid or something once taken down or something non-X-Files related, like a movie tribute that X-Files fans might like. 

My current vidding names, part of Doggmatic Productions are Doctor Doggmatic and You sound Jazzed. The Doctor Doggmatic name is for Doctor Who and Sherlock fanvids. You Sound Jazzed is solely for Homeland & Mandy Patinkin videos.

I welcome you to have a look around this site and enjoy yourself. I try to keep it updated, but as a mother and a wife, its not always possible. But I thank you for visiting and if you have joined, then you rock!

 Please feel free to contact me or comment on my vids or sign the guestbook. I love to hear from you all no matter what you have to say!


Places to find me and my vids!


 Find me on Facebook! You can find out updates of all my goings on and video progress, plus video premieres.

I'm on Multiply. 

Here I can upload all of my videos there with no copyright issues so far.

To see my video page, click on this link:

Doctor Doggmatic is on You Tube (Sherlock / Homeland/ Doctor Who & Other vids) at:

Doggmatic Productions X-Files Vids and backup channel are at::



On the Video Directory page you can find links to all the videos that are on You Tube at the moment. Some videos are not there and I will be linking them later to other websites. Just let me know if you wish to see one that isn't available and I will sort something out.

The Videos

The Videos page  is a selected themed collection of my videos 

The Video Directory Page is a list of all the videos I have made (this might not be up to date).

Click on the links and it will send you to You Tube or the video on this site.

Any videos that don't link correctly, let me know and I can sort it out for you.


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